Ugly Truths

Traffic Sucks for SO Many Reasons

Traffic sucks for everyone. But when you’re a parent it gets so much worse.

Fun fact – not all kids like the car or the car seat! You will get to hear comments like “How weird, my babies always slept in the car” or “Are you sure, every kid I have ever known slept in the car or loved their car seat!”

Well guess what, both boys hated the car from about a week old! Luckily W got ear tubes at a year old and it completely changed everything. At 20mos old L likes the car ride (98% of the time)… but still screams when you initially buckle him.

DO YOU KNOW how fun a car ride even five minutes to the grocery store with a screaming infant is? Literally nothing would console either boy. Pure misery to the point of tears from myself.

What have I found after two kids like this? It’s actually a LOT more normal than people admit or think. But guess what? Bet you haven’t heard of this, bet no one has been honest or prepped you that this is a possibility have they? I sure wish I had known it was & that it was NOT my fault.

While I was writing that first other ugly truth about traffic, I realized a second one I was also not prepared for.

Going back to work or working out of the home sucks with young children. We all hear it, we all know it. But it’s most of our realities right?

Here is another food for thought – traffic sucks as a parent because it means more time from your kids. It’s bad enough I work almost an hour away. But when you hit stopped traffic it makes it longer. I see the kids for maybe an hour in the morning before work, then if I am lucky I see L for two hours after work before his bedtime and W maybe three. Sitting in traffic takes the extra time away from that. Yes it’s my choice to work where I do. Yes it’s real life to work. But no one prepares you for the extra guilt or anxiety that traffic causes as a parent.

Maybe this is an obvious one to some people. But for me, I never thought much about traffic or the time it took from me before kids. Obviously there isn’t much you can do about this one, but you can appreciate what little time you do have. Get up the extra five minutes earlier in the morning, eat breakfast with the kids if you can, prep dinner so it doesn’t cut into your evening time (crockpot life guys!).

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