All About Me


Who am I and what is my why? My name is Becca and I am a SoCal Resident. I am a mom telling it how it is. Pregnant with baby #3 currently (K), chasing a very rowdy toddler (L), and juggling a “Big Kid” (W).

I found myself following more and more people on Instagram this pregnancy. Everywhere you look is another giveaway, but to win you need to follow these four accounts. Being on baby #3, having just bought a house, and juggling real life, every giveaway seemed reasonable and hopeful. So WHY not follow these accounts to maybe win even one thing we need? Pretty soon all I had in my feed were all these frilly blogs, vlogs and insta-famous people with their perfect lives. Sure, some of these post the occasional real life photo or post, but honestly, most don’t. I found it starting to get to me. Why can’t I have the clean house? Why doesn’t my toddler sit nicely in his high chair and eat this great meal – and on that note, why can’t I seem to make the picture perfect meal anymore?

Is this typical mom guilt this day in age? Sure. But did I let it start getting to me on a totally different level? Yes. You see, for the first 5 years of W’s life – it was just us. I did everything I could for the kid. I worked full time, but I made sure his every meal was well balance and pretty. He ate SO WELL. He was probably borderline spoiled if we are being honest – but everyone would tell me he was the best behaved little kid they ever met. Manners were a HUGE deal to me. So am I failing with #2? Have I become “that mom”. No, but needing a reality check was definitely in my cards.

For a long time I have joked about “the ugly parenting truths” and how some day I was going to just go be blatantly honest and prepare people honestly. I am tired of all the advice on pregnancy, raising tiny humans, and how you “should” be doing things. You can find contradictory answers for everything. You can find happy healthy kids being raised in totally different ways. Is that the point of my journey? No not really. The things I want to point out to people are the obscure things you may never think about; things that you won’t be prepared for or if you are its candy coated and sprinkled with social media fairy dust and made to look elegant.

So follow along on this journey of  life. The tail end of pregnancy #3, a toddler and “ big kid”. All the honest things I wish someone had told me, had posted, had just pointed out.